Zero-knowledge storage platform guarantees your privacy by encrypting and decrypting your data. Only you have access.


Access your files from Mac, PC, Android, iPhone or tablet. Any browser, anywhere in the world All you need is an internet connection and you have full access to all of your important files and data


You choose what files and folders you want to backup, no need to create an image of your entire HD.

Advanced Cloud System

Fully redundant and scalable platform allows users to partition access points and manage data loads. We strive to keep you connected to what is important at all times

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By clicking 'SUBMIT' I agree to the following Payment Authorization and Terms of Service. I understand that my 30 day free trial subscription begins today and that I authorize MKB or its payment processor to immediately originate a $0.01 electronic credit to validate my bank account. Unless I properly cancel prior to the end of the free trial, this service will automatically convert into a paid subscription for which I authorize MKB to electronically debit my account via ACH in the amount selected above on a monthly recurring basis until I cancel the service. I acknowledge that "MKB 888 393 5223" will be displayed on my bank statement. I understand that if I wish to cancel or modify the service or cost, it is my responsibility to contact MKB at MKB 888 393 5223 during normal business hours, Monday-Friday, and at least three business days prior to a normally scheduled (charge) debit so as to allow MKB time to act upon such request. I additionally confirm that I am the legal owner of the Checking or Savings account to be used for the transactions authorized by this Agreement.

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Terms & Conditions


MyKloudBox.com Services may include Services that are available on a one-time basis, (“Individual Services”); as well as subscription Services, which are an entitlement to more than one Service over a period of time, for a recurring fee (“Subscription Services”).


Question: I am currently enrolled and would like to cancel. How do I cancel?

You may cancel by calling us at 1 (888) 393-5223. One of our Customer Service associates will be happy to assist you.

Cancellations must be received within 7 business days in order to make certain that MyKloudBox.com has enough time to notify the billing company to cancel the charge. If you were charged after you submitted your cancellation request, please call and MyKloudBox.com will be happy to issue you a full refund.


(MYKLOUDBOX 1.888.393.5223) will appear on your bank statement for all charges made. MyKloudBox.com may include other information on your statement based on credit card association, telephone regulation, The Electronic Payments Association, Federal Reserve Regulation E, Regulation Z, FTC Regulations, NACHA, The Federal E-Sign Act, State Law and any other mandated rules and regulations.

If you elect to use your checking or savings account to purchase a subscription from this Website, an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) debit will be presented to your bank account through the Automated Clearing House (ACH). Your agreement with these Terms & Conditions is your approval for mykloudbox.com to issue an (EFT) Electronic Funds Transfer to your account, according to the terms and conditions herein.


You as the client authorize MyKloudBox.com, or it’s payment processor, acting as the commerce agent for MyKloudBox.com, to withdraw and debit the above confirmed amount from my checking or savings account. You understand and agree such debit will be done via EFT, (Electronic Funds Transfer) through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. You hereby expressively authorize the withdrawal of funds only from the above account at the financial institution indicated above on a recurring monthly basis if so selected or as a one-time charge. You as the client acknowledge that the origination of EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) debit transactions to your account must comply with the provisions of State and U.S. law and are regulated by Regulation E, and the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). You are aware of the terms and conditions contained herein, You have read and fully understand your rights under Federal Reserve Regulation E, Regulation Z, The Federal E Sign Act, The Electronic Transfer Act, Federal Trade Commission Rules, Consumer Protection Laws and your limits of liability under federal law for unauthorized use of a bank account located at 15 U.S.C. § 1643. You further confirm and attest that there are sufficient balances to cover the charges, and you are a duly authorized signer on this account with legal authority to authorize the monthly recurring debits against the bank account.


Under terms of the REFUND POLICY, My Kloud Box refunds the first month of service.

To be eligible for the money back guarantee, (i) the user must terminate the Service within 60 days of the PURCHASE DATE, (ii) the account must not have exceeded 250 GB of usage. THIS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE DOES NOT APPLY TO ACCOUNTS EXCEEDING 250 GIGABYTES OF USAGE AND SUCH ACCOUNTS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR REFUND OF ANY OF THE CHARGES DESCRIBED HEREIN.



1. This agreement establishes the terms and conditions for all Internet Cloud Data Hosting Services (hereinafter referred to as "the Services" to a subscriber- hereinafter referred to as "the User") by My Kloud Box (hereinafter referred to as "the Provider"). Use of this subscription form or use of the Services constitutes agreement to the terms and conditions listed below. The Provider can, at any time and without prior notice, modify these terms and conditions.

2. The Services must be used only for legal purposes. The transmission or distribution of any material deemed in disagreement with the laws of U.S.A., of Nevada or of International laws is strictly forbidden. This includes, but does not limit itself to, materials protected by copyright, material judged to be abusive or obscene, materials protected by a confidentiality agreement or any form of electronic communication which may pose a threat to computer security. The broadcast of any of these types or materials, either written, graphical or in any other form, without the explicit permission of all authorities responsible is illegal and may lead to criminal legal proceedings. In particular, the exchange or transmission of "pirated" software will without warning lead to an immediate closing of the account, as well as criminal legal proceedings if applicable. If such a situation presents itself, the Provider will supply the authorities in charge with any and all pertinent information to facilitate the judicial proceedings. The User assumes the full responsibility of determining whether a piece of software is public domain.

3. Any attempt to illicitly infiltrate the Provider's systems, or any other system, is strictly forbidden. The voluntary spreading of a computer virus, or any other destructive program, over the Provider's network is forbidden and may lead to legal proceedings. Any infraction will, without warning, lead to an immediate closing of the account.

4. The Provider does not issue any guarantee as to the service provided. The Provider is not to be held responsible for any damages which may arise during the use of its Services including but not limited to the loss of data, delays, failed delivery or delivery to an incorrect recipient, or any service interruption caused by the Provider or the User, be it by error, forgetfulness or negligence. The use of any information obtained is at the risk of the User. The Provider declines any responsibility in respect to the exactitude or quality of information from either end of Internet traffic. The Provider declines any responsibility in respect to the actions taken in response to any information obtained through the Service.

5. The User is responsible for all acquisitions, configurations and maintenance of the materials and software used to access the Internet. If the Provider were to place at the disposal of the User one or many pieces of software, the User would be obliged to comply with all obligations accompanied by or related to the use of said software. If the software were to prove defective, the responsibility of the Provider is limited to the replacement of said defective software. The User has no rights to claim any compensation for any damages or consequences related to the use of such software. The User also acknowledges that the software is neither created by, nor for the Provider.

6. The Service activation is the date upon which the Provider activates the User's account. The user must give a 30 day notice to cancel his service. For a residential annual prepaid service the first six months are the double of the average monthly price and the last six months are free.

7. The User understands that payment is made in advance according to the method of payment selected on the Subscription Form. Any refused check will automatically be filed with "Overdue accounts" and is then payable within the briefest of delays. Any negligence, or non-payment, in respect to original payment and any additional bank charges may result in Service interruption and additional fees.

8. The User is forbidden from opening more than one connection per modem at any given time. The simultaneous use of multiple connections on the same modem will result in a penalty. The User is forbidden from sharing, or permitting the use of, his Service with other persons.

9. The User understands that any request for a modification to his username after its creation will result in non-reimbursable service fees.

10. The Provider reserves the right to end, without any prior notice, the Service to any User non-respectful of the terms laid out in this document, or using the network resources in an abusive or fraudulent manner. `

11. The Provider reserves the right to end a year-long contract after giving 30 days’ notice, without having to state the reasoning.

12. Whatever the reason may be for the Provider's responsibility towards the User, this responsibility cannot exceed the value of one month of Service and the User agrees not to take legal action against the Provider in any way, shape or form.

13. The early cancellation penalty for business clients with contracts of 1 year or longer is 50% of the balance remaining on the contract. The Provider reserves the right to change its rate for the Service at the end of every period

14. The data transfer is limited (for information, please refer to your type of connection). All surplus use of band-width will be charged.


To the extent of limits permitted by the applicable laws, we make no guarantee or condition, expressed or implicit, including, but not limited to, any guarantee implicit or conditional of quality of the product, acceptable quality, sufficiency of service or of the device to any particular means, of title or absence of infringement, nor of guarantee or condition relative to commercial usage, course of dealing or administering method, nor any guarantee or condition that the service will meet the User's needs. Notwithstanding the preceding, we offer no guarantee or condition that the service or the device will work without fault, delay, interruption, error, degradation of voice quality or loss of content, data or information. Neither My Kloud Box, nor any of its executive staff, administrators, salaried employees, affiliates, agents and any other supplier offering services, devices or products associated to those of My Kloud Box to its clients relative to the present agreement or to the Service, may be held responsible for unauthorized access to our transmission installations or subscriber's equipments (or your equipments), of unauthorized access, modification, theft or destruction of files, programs, procedures or information by any means, be they accidental, fraudulent or by any other method, no matter whether the damages incurred be the result of negligence on behalf of My Kloud Box, its service providers or its providers. The statements and descriptions relative to the services and devices, if they are, by My Kloud Box, its agents or installers, are of an informational value and as such do not constitute a guarantee or condition of any kind whatsoever.

Privacy policy



My Kloud Box will not trade, sell, or disclose to any third party any form of customer identifiable information without the consent of the customer (except as required by subpoena, search warrant or other legal process or in the case where failure to disclose information will lead to imminent harm to the customer or others). This includes information derived from registration, subscription, and use of the My Kloud Box


My Kloud Box collect and use customer identifiable information for billing, provisioning of service, to solve problems associated with service, and to inform customers of new products or services that will better meet their needs. My Kloud Box will use customer identifiable information to market products and services to the customer, but will not disclose or make available any customer identifiable information to any third parties seeking to market products. If a customer chooses not to participate in direct marketing of new products and services from My Kloud Box LLC, that customer's information will not be used for the purpose of marketing new products.


My Kloud Box has invested and deployed a wide variety of technology and security features to ensure the privacy of customer information on its network. In addition, My Kloud Box has implemented strict operations guidelines to ensure customer privacy is safeguarded at every level of its organization. My Kloud Box will continue to revise policies and implement additional security features as new technologies becomes available.


My Kloud Box will not read, listen to or disclose to any third parties private email, conversations, or other communications that are transmitted using My Kloud Box services except as required to ensure proper operation of services or as otherwise authorized by law.


My Kloud Box may use customer identifiable information to investigate and help prevent potentially unlawful activity or activities that threaten the integrity of service or network integrity or otherwise violate My Kloud Box Service Level Agreement.


My Kloud Box will do its best to honor requests from customers for account information, for example, name, address, company, or billing information. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the information on file with My Kloud Box is current and accurate.


My Kloud Box does not sell products or services for purchase by children. My Kloud Box does not knowingly solicit or collect customer identifiable information from children or teenagers under the age of eighteen. In addition, My Kloud Box will not knowingly link to any third party web site that solicits or collects customer identifiable information from minors. If you believe that a minor has disclosed personally identifiable information to My Kloud Box LLC, please click here to contact us at so that the information can be removed.


My Kloud Box has zero tolerance for spam. Spam complaints will be dealt with seriously and can result in losing My Kloud Box privileges.

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